“The Best Thing That You Give To Your Children Is Time”

–JD Ghai


Best Quote About Parenting Ever!


My daughter set up the images of children smiling and playing, and helped get the blog started! I welcome you to my blog, where you’ll learn what parenting is all about.

After a trip here, you will soon find yourself treating your child like royalty!

How To Be a Good Parent

Many parents wonder if their ways are right or wrong, if they are doing a good job, and wonder: “How can I be a good parent?”

Well, you should never punish your child. They are only young, they do not know what is right, and sometimes it is not their fault. Sometimes something happened, and they are only reacting to a problem. Is it their fault? No. Either way, you should never punish your child.

You also should make sure they are comfortable. If they complain that they are upset or troubled, they are not being “whiny” or “silly” or “ungrateful.” They have needs you must tend to.

I hope you learned a bit about parenting!

What’s This Website About?

Children are very important, and you should treat your child with respect and love. Your child has feelings, and they are important. The way you raise your child effects the way they are as parents when they grow up. If you are good to your child now, in the future your child will be good to his or her own child. The way you are as a parent effects your child’s life in the present and future. Wouldn’t you want your child to have happy memories when they grow up? Thinking of how loving their parent was instead of mean? You should free your child, love your child, and respect your child. Let your child be happy, smile, and let her or him live a good life.

Your child depends on your kindness and ways of parenting. They look up to you and you must respect and honor this responsibility and duty. Wouldn’t you want to make your child proud? You will regret mistreating your child, so be good to him or her!

Children are kind and innocent and need your love and kindness. This website shall show the way parenting should be…with love, kindness, and respect. Do not abuse your child. Be kind to him or her.

They are worth it, even if sometimes it may be frustrating. In the end, you shall learn it is best to be good to them.